Nachos supreme €7.95
tortilla chips with melted cheese sprinkled with spring onions and jalapenos and smothered in salsa, guacamole and sour cream.A longstanding favourite  
add spicy beef or chicken €9.50
Quesadilla €6.95
melted cheese and one of the fillings below:
chorizo, potato, roasted pepper and spicy slaw
avocado, jalapenos, green salsa, pink pickled onions and sour cream
add chicken €7.95
Calamari with lime aioli €6.50
With our lightest crispy batter, totally delicious!  
Acapulco combo €14.00
buffalo wings, chilli sizzlers, onion rings, calamari, quesadilla and tortilla chips served with salsa, guacamole and sour cream for 2 or €27.00 for 4
Soup of the day €4.95
freshly made each day  
Spicy chicken taquitos (g) €6.50
2 fried rolled corn tortillas filled with chicken and cheese served with sour cream €6.95
Chicken wings €6.95
with chipotle sauce  
Mexican spud skins €6.50
baked potato skins filled with your choice of:
chilli beef
chilli vegetarian
Chilli sizzlers €6.50
Deep fried whole jalapeno chillies filled with soft cheese and served with chipotle sauce  
Shredded chicken salad €6.95
shredded chicken, baby gem lettuce, semi sundried tomatoes, grated parmesan and croutons in a smokey chipotle chilli dressing  


(g) Fajita salad €13.95
fresh salad leaves, roasted peppers, cucumber, spring onions and tomatoes, tossed in a freshly made vinaigrette and served with nacho chips, add a generous serving of fajita style chicken or steak (€1 supplement)  
try fajita style prawns with your salad €15.95
with ripe avocado €13.95
Shredded chicken salad €13.95
shredded chicken, baby gem lettuce, semi sundried tomatoes, grated parmesan and croutons in a smokey chipotle chilli dressing  
Fish tacos €12.95
fish goujons in flour tortillas served with shredded lettuce and salsa verde  
tostadas (g) €11.50for 2
crispy corn tortillas with your choice of:
ancho chilli chicken, tomato salsa and spring onion mayo
chilli beef, Mexican rice, guacamole, cheese and sour cream
smoky black beans, roasted peppers, goats cheese and rocket salad
tacos (g) €5.25 - €7.50 for 2  
soft corn tortillas with your choice of of:
marinated shredded pork with baby gem lettuce and tomato salsa
seared beef with chipotle mayo, radish and cabbage salad
ancho chilli chicken with roasted peppers, pink pickled onion and mixed leaves
picante prawns and pico de galllo
avocado, feta, roasted peppers, pine nuts, pink pickled onions and balsamic

Burritos €14.50
a giant flour tortilla folded over a filling of your choice, topped with sour cream and salsa
ancho chilli chicken, roasted pepper, refried beans, cheese
seared beef, refried beans and cheese
shredded pork, mango and Serrano chilli salsa, gem leaf
vegetable chilli, refried beans, cheese and guacamole
Chimichanga €15.50
a crisp flour tortilla with your choice of filling, melted cheese and refried beans ancho chilli chicken and tomato salsa chilli beef and guacamole vegetable chilli, feta cheese and guacamole  
Flauta of the day €14.00
tightly rolled flour tortilla, deep fried and topped with guacamole and sour cream  
Enchiladas (g) €14.95
three rolled corn tortillas with your choice of filling topped with cheese and sour cream and oven baked:
chipotle chicken and Mexican rice with chilli sauce or verde sauce
tamarind pork, lime rice and verde sauce
vegetable chillli, lime rice and verde sauce
All of the above dishes are served with Mexican rice
Spicy prawn noodles €14.95
cumin spiced prawns with noodles, smoked chipotle chilli dressing, sour cream and coriander  
Fajita platters  
Acapulco’s authentic mix with onions and slice mixed peppers, served with guacamole, tomato salsa, sour cream and warm flour tortillas (4p/p).  
spicy chicken €15.95
marinated steak €16.95
mixed vegetable €14.50
marinated prawns €16.95
fajita combo €17.95
This dish can be served with fresh corn tortillas to make it gluten-free  
Yucatan spiced chicken skewers (g) €14.95
pepper and chicken skewers served with fried sweet potato, chopped salad, corn tortillas and house salsas  
Peanut mole chicken (g) €14.95
marinated chicken skewers with peanut mole, green rice and radish and white cabbage salad  
Tex mex burger €12.95
homemade 8oz burger with cheese, salsa, smoky ketchup and chilli fries  
Sirloin steak (g) €19.95
80z kocal cuts with a 3 chilli salsa, sautéed chilli potatoes and a baby leaf salad  
Chilli del diablo (g) €13.50
Extra hot chilli of prime minced beef, peppers and black beans topped with cheese and sour cream served with mexican rice and refried beans  
Chilli vegetariano (g) €12.95
a delicious chilli made with fresh vegetables and beans cooked in a medium chilli sauce topped with cheese and sour cream served with mexican rice and refried beans  
Side Orders  
Chips & dips €3.95
Sweet potato fries €4.50
Corn on the cob €5.00
Spicy slaw €2.75
Lime rice €3.50
Side salad €3.95
Refired beans €2.95
Flour tortillas €2.50
Corn tortillas (g) €2.50
Guacamole €2.50
Spicy salsa €1.50
Sour cream €1.50
Postres €6.25
Deep fried ice cream
with homemade butterscotch sauce
Chocolate fudge cake
served warm with chocolate sauce
Vanilla baked cheesecake
with pineapple caramel
Chimi d
deep fried tortilla with chocolate, fruit and nuts served with caramelized banana and ice cream
Mango mess (g)
fresh mango with meringue and cream and mango sorbet, deliciously light but bursting with flavour